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Alexander Montgomery began building greenhouses and growing roses in Hadley in 1909, and since that time Montgomery Rose Company has earned a reputation for providing retail florists with fresh, locally-grown product of the highest quality.

Since purchasing the company in 1959, the Johnson family has been committed to making Montgomery Rose Company the best in the industry. This commitment, currently being carried out by the family’s second and third generations in the business, has fostered innovative ideas which have allowed us to remain competitive.

In 1981 we formed Montgomery Wholesale Florist in Hadley to further satisfy the needs of the professional florists. Seeing a need in central Massachusetts for a quality wholesaler, we opened our second location in 1988. It was located in Framingham MA until 2001 at which time we relocated to Northborough MA. The following year we moved our wholesale operation in Hadley to Enfield, Connecticut.

Montgomery Rose Company has been part the Boston Flower Exchange for over 85 years. Its present location at 540 Albany Street presents a unique buying experience with 17 wholesalers under one roof.

With an innovative attitude and the skills we have acquired over the past 90 years, we look forward, with the help of our committed employees and our loyal customers, to continued growth and success in the future.

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