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Montgomery’s Greenhouses
Montgomery’s Greenhouses are located near the banks of the Connecticut River in Hadley, MA. Inside our approximately 2.5 acres of greenhouses we grow Lilies, Gerbera Daisies, Gardenias and Stephanotis. If you go to a wedding in New England there is a good chance that the gardenias and stephanotis you see were grown at Montgomery’s.

Direct From the Farm in more ways than one!!!
In addition to the product grown in our own greenhouses in Western Massachusetts, Montgomery’s supplies the florists of New England with the a wonderful variety of the freshest farm direct product from the highest quality growers around the world. Through our relationships with these farms, Montgomery’s is capable of meeting our customer’s diverse fresh cut flower needs.

When you become a Montgomery Wholesale customer, you are assigned a sales representative whose goal is to make sure that Montgomery’s meets or exceeds all of your cut flower needs. It is our view that this one-on-one service provides you the most consistent experience each time you purchase from us. Also, through time, our understanding of your business and needs will grow, further allowing us to be a thoughtful and contributing partner to success in your business.

While many customers visit our locations to purchase their flowers, most Enfield and Northborough customers rely on us to deliver their orders in a timely and efficient manner.

We have a fleet of vans located in Enfield and Northborough and our drivers are trained in the proper care and handling of your orders. We are proud of the dedication and professionalism of our delivery personnel.

We are also proud to offer Fed-Ex delivery for those florists that are not located within our current delivery area.

See our FAQ for more information.

Weddings and Special Occasions
Since 1909 professional florists have relied on fresh, locally-grown, Montgomery flowers to satisfy their customers for weddings and other special occasions. Since then we have added a wider variety of cut flowers from around the world which enabled florists to begin relying on us for all their flower needs.

Our sales people will do everything possible to fill your special orders, including searching the Boston market to find that special flower your bride “must” have.

Hard Goods
We carry an in-depth line of floral design products which include vases, ribbon, baskets, foam and holiday/novelty items.

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