Turn An Ordinary Dental Office Into A Dental Spa By Choosing The Right Kind Of Flowers

Modern Healthcare settings typically are sterile and totally uninviting. This is no less true when it comes to the average dental office. A very high percentage of those who go to the dentist are nervous and anxious and the dental office does nothing to help relieve those feelings. Here we will take a look at how to choose the right kinds of flowers to create a spa-like atmosphere that helps patients relax.

Dental Spa

It is likely that the average dentist will find it surprising that of the over 150,000 members of the American Dental Association, a solid 5% of them now refer to their Clinic as a dental spa. Because this idea and theme is proving to be highly effective in helping patients to relax, it is estimated that this number will grow substantially in the near future. Some estimates suggest that as much as three-quarters of all dental clinics will begin moving to the dental spa theme. A great example of this trend is Jacksonville’s Farnham Dentistry. They have begun incorporating these kinds of elements in their office.  You can also check out their Facebook – Jacksonville Dentist to see even more.

Research That Supports This Move

There have been well over a hundred projects that have researched the value and validity of using flowers along with lighting and scents that help patients to relax. The findings show that creating these types of atmospheres and settings not only allows the patient to relax while they are at their appointment but that it also makes it more comfortable for them to schedule appointments in the future. These patients realize that the dental visit was not nearly as difficult for them as it had been in the past, and this makes them more comfortable with making the recommended appointments to come in on a more regular basis.

Sedatives And Tranquilizers

Strong evidence in some of the studies that have been done suggests that dentist can reduce the amount of tranquilizers and sedatives that are required by their patients because the patient is simply more relaxed due to the surroundings of flowers, scents, and lighting that all serve to provide a meditative experience. Because they are relaxed, the body more readily accepts the lower dosage of sedatives and the removal of anxiety and fear help the dental procedure to go more smoothly.

Reduce Stress With The Strategic Placement Of Flowers

Using a variety of plants and flowers that provide color and aromatic scents in locations such as the receptionist counter, the table in the waiting room, in the corner of the rooms, and hanging from the ceiling, can all greatly help in providing an atmosphere that is calming and relaxing. Some of the plants and flowers will help in removing any allergens from the air and to provide a color variation that takes away the sterile depressing feeling of a typical Clinic.

Flowers That Can Help Relieve Stress And Increase Confidence

Combining colors that help patients to relax as well as increase their confidence and sense of well-being will work best. Common colors include blues and grays along with green and muted purple. Colors such as shades of red and yellow improve confidence and a sense of well-being and help the patient to feel hope for the future. Understanding these color combinations and having these displayed in the office and waiting area can help the patient achieve these positive states of being.

6 Flowers For Your Dental Office

1. Lavender

Lavender has been used for its relaxing nature and healing ability for centuries. While purple can be an intense color this flowering plant known as lavender has a muted purplish color and has been known for a large part of human history to help calm the feelings of anxiousness as well as other health-giving benefits.

2. Jasmine

This is a blossoming shrub that is related to olive plants and it has an attractive white blossom and green shrub. The color combination of this plant is hopeful and relaxing and will make a nice addition to any clinics waiting room.

3. Gardenia

This is another flowering shrub that has a white blossom and green shrubbery and it’s related to the coffee plant. This makes a very nice placement on the table in the waiting room and it fits well in a clinical setting and is helpful for promoting a sense of calmness.

4. Calla Zantedeschia

This flower is sometimes nicknamed ‘sunshine’ and it’s a beautiful and uniquely shaped blossom that has a deep yellowish color with a green stem. A few of these in a vase are extremely attractive and it gives a feeling of hopefulness which is great to help patients to feel strong which in turn allows them to confidently approach their dental appointment.

5. Clematis

This purplish bloom is much like the color of lavender in that it’s a muted purple that is beautiful and calming. The flower blossoms largely and has several petals that together blossom up to 6 inches across.

6. Dandelion

While dandelions are often seen as weeds that trouble homeowners by overtaking their grass, they are a very attractive and therapeutic flower. There are a number of health benefits this flower has but in a dental office, it can be a very pretty and colorful addition to an otherwise sterile room. Placing a few in a small vase in the room can brighten it up and give a cheerful feeling.

There is no doubt that as more dentists learn about the benefits of using flowers in their office, more will begin to do so. It is recommended that dentists who want to take advantage of this trend early, start now.

You will likely see an immediate benefit from introducing flowers into your practice.

If you’re looking to sources any of the flowers mentioned in this post, please let us know. We’ll be more than happy to assist in getting you these flowers, or in finding a florist close to your location.

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